With high quality finished automotive composite (grp) parts becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult to source we have come up with an option we believe to be a bit of a win, win!

Our new “Basic White” composite parts are supplied trimmed, with all the flash lines removed but with no post mould surface treatment, which in fact is pretty much how most aftermarket automotive fibreglass parts are supplied anyway. However, by reducing the thickness of the gelcoat and using a bespoke resin we have achieved a significant reduction in panel weight with no loss of strength. The other “win” of course is that our Basic White composite panels are available at much reduced prices over traditional finished pre-coloured gelcoat parts and will be held in stock.

To obtain your desired finial finish we believe the way to go is with vinyl wraps which offer a choice of colours and finishes from the sublime to the bonkers, definitely suitable for all Riot owners then!