The Riot Kit Car Project was bought from Sylva Autokits by Xmoor Cars Ltd in April 2013. Sylva was founded in 1981 by renowned kit car designer Jeremy Phillips and for many of those years has been at the forefront of club level Motorsport scoring countless sprint, race and hill climb wins and many championships too. The Riot also won Complete Kit Cars Magazine’s Kit Car of the Year just after its release in 2005.

The Xmoor Riot continues to benefit from this great heritage and after 18 months of intensive further development the Riot Classic was launched.


As a self-confessed petrol head I’m passionate about every aspect of our cars. What some people may call obsession I call attention to detail. Every single component from the bolts to the bodywork receives attention to ensure that it provides the best performance at the best price. I’m a firm believer that the result of clever, innovative design and superb British engineering can be summed up as:

Brilliantly Simple = Simply Brilliant

I may be considered a little old school in the function over form debate, but the result is, our cars offer outstanding performance and engineering that few others can match for the money.

However, it’s not just about how well made our cars are, or how well they perform, it’s about what you the customer gets out of it. I want to ensure that you enjoy the whole process from putting the first nut and bolt together to driving it. During this process we become part of a great community of like-minded enthusiasts with many customers becoming good friends. When all is said and done the most important component in our cars is the nut holding the steering wheel!

Miles Southerton, Owner & Director