October 2019

Aluminium Panels


One of the first tasks with your Riot kit is to fit the aluminium panels to the chassis frame. Rather than rivet a flat panel to the underside we have designed a "seat tray" that just drops into position and is simply bonded in using something like Sikaflex Adhesive Sealant. This method produces a much [...]

Aluminium Panels2019-10-02T20:25:02+01:00

Coolant Pipes


The first task, as access is easiest, is to attach the two pre-beaded, 32mm aluminium coolant tubes using the supplied "P" clips. These parts are included in our "Starter Kit"  

Coolant Pipes2019-10-02T18:59:17+01:00

April 2019

Riot Classic Body Parts


With high quality finished automotive composite (grp) parts becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult to source we have come up with an option we believe to be a bit of a win, win! Our new "Basic White" composite parts are supplied trimmed, with all the flash lines removed but with no post mould surface treatment, [...]

Riot Classic Body Parts2019-04-24T19:23:12+01:00

July 2017

Suspension Update


Here's a sneak peek of our updated Riot wide track rear suspension. (+50mm each side) Stronger in the right places and a whole lot lighter too. It enables standard Ford driveshafts to be used saving the cost of modification necessary on the previous version. Please note, we are aware it's not been bolted up in [...]

Suspension Update2018-07-05T17:32:14+01:00